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Welcome to the Inspiration North Podcast, sharing inspiring stories of inspirational people, who have found their passion: their true north!

There are so many toxic messages around what success looks like, which can leave us feeling unsatisfied and overwhelmed.

At Inspiration North, we've created inspirational resources and programmes to help you find your True North.

You can go from living someone else's life to living your life full of meaning, purpose and joy.

Jan 30, 2021

#113 Alex Barker - How To Be More Pirate

Alex talks about her journey to becoming more pirate! 

We talk about:

  • Having childhood dreams of exploration.
  • Her initial scepticism of Be More Pirate, but this benefitting the movement.
  • And how her first book was a little bit shit.

Alex is a speaker, facilitator, writer and community builder. And a Pirate Captain. 

She joined Sam in 2019 to give life to Be More Pirate as something beyond a book. Before piracy she was Communications Manager at the RSA (Royal Society of Arts), and has spent a decade or so in the non-profit sector building networks and supporting social entrepreneurs. Alex leads the network and would like nothing more than to see a less conventional approach to social change take root. 

In September 2020 Alex and Sam’s new book How to: Be More Pirate was published – an update on the original which dives much deeper into how to effectively rebel & rewrite ‘the rules’.


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